About Us

About Us

Our Purpose

At GSM Support
We wish to become the industry leaders in Mobile Phone & other Device Repairs. Along with this, we also wish to be able customers not just in the United Kingdom but also throughout the European Union to take advantage of our Services. Providing top quality standards in device repairs returning the device back to its original pristine self!

Why Choose Us

  1. We hold the biggest stock of spares in the country.
  2. Our Engineers are certified professionals who have worked with Device Manufacturer Workshops.
  3. We are the biggest repair operational facility in the country.
  4. We work on the While You Wait Model or Same Day Return, model.

A few words about us

GSM Support is a part of Pan Mobile Limited. We are decade old company, operating since early 2004. We have been in repairing major brands and not so major brands since then. We operate under a strict policy code and a model which we brought in the market which we named as While You Wait Repairs. We understand how precious your mobile phone device is and more importantly we understand your urgency in case your mobile phone device breaks.


My iPhone 6 Plus suffered a major fall and screen breakage. I got it to them, and they took it in and gave it back to me 25 minutes later, Everything was like a new phone. Wonderful Service! Highly Recommended!

Emily Stanfield

My Z3 Compact had a hairline crack, it was there till the time I brought it to them. The screen remains flawless till date. Many Thanks.

Patricia Nash

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