Causes of Lagging in Android Devices and Ways to Fix the Problem


Causes of Lagging in Android Devices and Ways to Fix the Problem

The age of Science and Technology demands a gadget that saves time and improves efficiency. There are two operating systems in the mobile world that has been dominating. They are Android and iOS. When we have to compare the two, Android has resulted in lagging and slow performance. The causes are difficult to understand; however, there are a few causes that we must know can be the common ones. This blog talks about the causes and how one can fix the lagging problem for better performance. Continue reading to know more.
Causes of lagging
Applications that demand running in the background is a major cause of slow performance by your Android device
More memory in use than required. Have you seen a few Android devices where 70 percent of the total memory has been used
Download of heavy applications that use more storage that shown in the properties
There are more than these causes. The three causes mentioned above have been playing vital roles in lagging your Android device. The best way to get your smartphone from working fine and just the way you bought it on the first day is following a series of troubleshooting process that will be a life savior option for you. Here’s a list of tricks that you can try for avoiding lagging in your Android device.
Tricks to avoid Android lagging
Use a Phone Cleaner
If you have a number of applications that you use regularly and you have no idea what to do as they are all important, you must invest time in researching the best phone cleaner app. Once you have found one, download and use it to clean your device once every two days. This will give you the best result.
Delete Applications that you no longer Use
We all download applications because we heard that they arforuseful. After you had downloaded, you found that they are no good to you. You tend to forget to delete and add to the memory usage. The first step you need to do is check which apps are unused so that you can delete them. Freeing up space helps a lot in making your Android device run faster. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Sit today and delete those apps.
Live Wallpapers
There is no doubt that live wallpapers look mesmerizing and they add to the beauty of any phone. Android has a number of live wallpaper to make use of. Users tend to apply those wallpapers and later complain of lagging. Use static wallpaper and enjoy the use of your phone rather than complaining of the lag caused by the constantly running wallpaper. There are a number of wallpapers that you can either download or get from the device itself. You won’t be disappointed.
Try Lighter Versions
Did you know that there are lighter versions of most of the applications that we know of? Yes, instead of using those heavy versions use a lighter version so that your phone doesn’t have the burden of several things running in the background. On top of that, lighter applications have less memory to consume. This keeps your device light and free.
We like to use widgets on the home screen of our Android device. These widgets definitely look nice and make your job easier; however, they can do the job of slowing the performance of your device. Most users have complained about the usage of widgets. It is better to avoid using widgets than using a slow performing Android device.
Updated Software
At times, we are clueless, why the phone hangs and reboots on its own. Well, one of the common reasons may be the need to update the software. Check your phone if it is looking for an update. If it is, update your phone and see the difference. The device will start functioning smooth and flawlessly.
A lagging device can be the cause of several problems; late to reply to an important mail, unable to answer an urgent call and much more. You are now covered with the solutions provided. Try these tricks and set your mind and phone free.

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