Is any data erased when we repair a phone?

No, absolutely not. As a policy we do not erase any data when we repair a phone. However it is recommended that you remove all memory and SIM cards before you give us the faulty device to repair.

What kind of spare parts are used to repair mobile phones and other devices?

We only use genuine and high quality repair parts to repair all the devices that come to us.

What if my phone is water damaged or is simply not powering on. How do the repairs proceed?

Repairs for water damaged phones or phone’s which don’t power on are tricky cases, before proceeding on their repairs/replacements, we make sure we do a full inspection and diagnosis of which part has suffered damage and needs repairs/replacement. Please note that we do not water damage repair or phone’s not powering cases on While You Wait basis.

Repair Warranty

What warranty do I get on repairs?

As a standard policy, all our repair services are entitled for 4 weeks warranty subject to no physical or liquid damage.