Why Nokia 8 is a big boon for Nokia fans


Why Nokia 8 is a big boon for Nokia fans

Nokia has a lot of fan base across the world, as they had some of the fine quality phones before the launch of the Android operating system or smart phones. Nokia may not have a good time without before associating with Android operating system, but the time has changed and Nokia has come with a fine set of phones with Google operating system. Nokia 8 is one of the popular devices among other Nokia phones in the market, as it comes up with a lot of benefits and features on the phone. Nokia 8 could be the best buy for Nokia fans, as they do not have to compromise on the brand and the operating system.
Some of the fine features of Nokia 8
Dual Camera – The dual camera technology is a hot pick feature for some time now, as it provides a better quality picture compared to the traditional camera. The dual camera gives you better focus and various options to zoom the required part of the image. Nokia is known to provide a quality camera for a long time now and the dual camera on the rear part of the Nokia 8 lets you have a fabulous experience in terms of image quality.
Brand – Nokia is a well-known brand and has been in the market for a long time now. Nokia phones are known to last for a long time because of their build quality. As not many people were comfortable with their traditional operating system, the brand had lost its value for few years.
Nokia 8 is a fine device with Android operating system, which is preferred by most of the current generation Smartphone users.
Battery and connectivity – The Nokia 8 comes with a non-removable 3090mAh battery, which carries enough power to provide two or at least one and a half day of backup. The Li-Ion battery is said to have a fast charging support, where people can charge it in a quick span of time. The fast charging helps you to charge from 1 – 100% within a span of 20 – 30 minutes. Nokia has provided a lot of features and options in terms of connectivity, where people get to enjoy 4G, VOLTE and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac in an effective way.
Operating system – Nokia is known to provide a quality built phone, which is known to last for a long time. The Android operating system is the most preferred operating system, as it provides a lot of applications from the market. Nokia 8 comes up with a fine quality Smartphone with the Android operating system integrated into it. The Nokia 8 comes with Android Version 7.1.1 (nougat) with 2.45GHz Octa-core processor.

Build quality – Nokia is one of the manufacturing companies, which do not compromise on the build quality. The Nokia 8 is more like the latest flagship device and gives you more features than any of the other Nokia phones in an effective way. The phone may weigh more than you can imagine, but the design and the style of the phone have remained magnificent. The slim design gives you a firm grip and allows you to use the display without struggling.
Nokia has been one of the favorite brands for most of the people, as it comes with some of the fine features required for a Smartphone. Nokia is known for its battery backup and camera quality for a long time. The new smart phones of Nokia are integrated with Google to provide a fine quality Smartphone with the user-friendly operating system. It is widely recommended for people to go with Nokia series of Android phones, as it is a complete package of features and benefits.

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