Blackberry DTEK 50 Camera Repair


Blackberry DTEK 50 Camera Repair

Original price was: £44.99.Current price is: £34.99.

Who doesn’t love to capture moments? Whether you are travelling or visiting your old buddies and celebrating a big day of your life, you always want to capture that particular moment. A phone’s camera is the most used feature of all. Blackberry’s camera is beyond any comparison. DTEK 50 comes with slow-mo, time lapse, and many more features and to be not able to use those features because your camera has stopped working in the following ways.

a) Your camera doesn’t get switched on
b) The camera doesn’t work at all
c) The camera has got physical damages or cracked

Even if you have somehow managed to switch it on, the camera switches off while you are using it
If any of the above issues is bothering the priority of yours, we have got you covered by providing excellent DTEK 50 camera repair service. GSM support is the support you can trust for the luxurious iPhones as we ensure that top-notch quality of spare parts is used with no compromise on the business as usual. The spare part comes with 30 days warranty and it is subject to no liquid or physical damage.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for days to get the part replaced or repaired. It is a commitment of 40 minutes that we make. The cost for the repair is quite affordable that is 34.99 pounds and you can choose any of the two options.

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