HTC 10 Backlight Repair


HTC 10 Backlight Repair

Original price was: £134.99.Current price is: £124.99.

HTC 10 backlight gone? No issue, get it fixed with us.

Symptoms are :
a.The Phone’s backlight would not turn on.
b. The Phone’s backlight is not staying on.
c. The Phone’s backlight is flickering.
d. The Phone’s backlight stays on, even after active session.
e. The Phone’s backlight is not as bright as you want it to be.
f. The Phone’s backlight switches on/off with in an active session.

For Walk-in Service : Click on “Book Now” button and get your convenient repair slot.
For Postal Service : Click on “Buy Now” button and proceed for the payment.
**Note : Backlight fault can not be done on while you wait basis ,as it requires proper inspection.



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