iPhone 6S Battery Replacement


iPhone 6S Battery Replacement

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We won’t be wrong to say that it’s the age of iPhone and we are hooked to it almost all day. Almost everyone uses iPhone. It is ruling the gadget world. This amazing smartphone makes internet use convenient and user-friendly. An iPhone user uses the smartphone for social networking, accessing emails, listening to music, accomplishing office work, and playing games and for lots other activities.

iPhone 6’s battery life is impeccable, to be precise 10 to 12 hours before it needs a refill. However, with so much to do, the battery might give up on you and indicate that you need a brand new battery to be placed. People are apprehensive about the replacement as they wonder that the process may take long which might hamper their daily activity. With GSM support, we assure of battery replacement of iPhone 6 within 30 minutes. It does sound unbelievable but that’s how it works.

The battery that our replacement warehouse uses is of superior quality and makes your iPhone 6 work like a brand new iPhone once again. 30 days warranty is offered provided there is no damage from liquid or physical damage. What more can you ask for? Get your battery of iPhone replaced from us and enjoy your old iPhone 6 as a new device that gives you the same battery life.

We have two types of services for battery replacement. One is the “Walk in” and the second one being the “Postal service”. If you prefer the former one, click on “Book now” and proceed with choosing the repair slot that you want. In case you opt for the latter, click on “Buy now” and proceed with the payment.
Have an iPhone 6 that new like.