iPhone 7 Power Button Repair


iPhone 7 Power Button Repair

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iPhone 7 has many features and is a real fun thing to use. But what if your iPhone 7 does not function properly? It is a pain for all the iPhone users when the most important function of switching it on from sleep mode is not functioning. This means you cannot use the phone for anything at all. To get out of this stressful situation you need to get your iPhone 7 repaired instantly; else this will pose a problem for many reasons. But how do you know that your iPhone 7 power button is not functioning properly? You should look at the below 3 signs for getting this service for your iPhone 7.

a) The iPhone 7 power button issue.
b) When you press the power button hard; it still does not end.
c) You cannot use the power button at any time.

But getting your iPhone 7 repaired for the power button is a nightmare as the long wait hours at the service centre gives you jitters already. But now you need not worry about this issue as the iPhone 7 power button replacement service can be done in flat 40 minutes. This will mean that you need not leave your iPhone 7 at the service centre for long hours or days. You can opt for this service in two ways i.e. by walking into the service centre by clicking on the Book Now button and get a time slot for repair or by postal service by clicking on the buy now button and making a payment for the same. Also, this service comes with a 30-day warranty only if the part is not damaged due to liquid or physically.