LG Nexus 4 Sim Reader Repair


LG Nexus 4 Sim Reader Repair

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If your LG Nexus 4 showing “No service “ , no problem ! we can help! , It is happening just because your device has a faulty SIM Card reader.
There are few symptoms like :

a)The SIM card is not getting registered.
b)The Network goes on/off frequently.
c)If the SIM pins are broken/missing.

In this case , your LG Nexus 4 need SIM reader replacement service. We have quickest turnaround time for walk-in customers ,which don’t take more than 50 minutes.
We use high quality spare parts for LG Nexus 4 charging unit replacement. LG Nexus 4 charging connector replacement service comes with 30 days warranty subject to no physical or liquid damage.
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