OnePlus 3T Backlight Repair


OnePlus 3T Backlight Repair

Original price was: £184.99.Current price is: £174.99.

Backlight feature is used by every OnePlus 3T user to customize the brightness and display light of OnePlus 3T in order to get suitable brightness every time. Without backlight, OnePlus 3T is a person with no sight. Although a phone that is apt for multi-purpose, there are shortcomings and one of them is the problem is related to the backlight.

How do you know you have a problem with it?

a) You are facing issues while trying to turn on the OnePlus 3T’s backlight
b) Although it is turned on, it doesn’t stay on
c) You have flickering backlight
d) Although you are trying to turn it off, it stays on
e) The brightness is not as per the need
f) The backlight gives you recurring problem

AT GSM support, we cater to each of the reasons for backlight problem at a price that is cheap and way better than squandering outside. We charge a feasible amount for the repair of the backlight and the repair can be done using any of the two methods we have.
One method is the walk-in service when you need to click on “Book Now” and choose the slot you prefer to visit us. The second one is the Postal service where you need to select “Buy Now” and then proceed to make the payment.
Whichever method you follow, you are at a win-win situation as we save time and money. If the issue is not a major one, while you are waiting outside, the fault can be repaired.