OnePlus One Mic Repair/Replacement


OnePlus One Mic Repair/Replacement

Original price was: £34.99.Current price is: £24.99.

Imagine an OnePlus 1 without a mic! Can you? Unimaginable, right? OnePlus 1 has great sound quality not just in music but for incoming and outgoing calls too. But what do you do when there is no sound that you can hear or the other person doesn’t hear you? It is the fault in the mic of the OnePlus 1. GSM support is the caretaker of faults in your mic. It just takes 50 minutes for us to get the problem rectified. We either repair the fault or get the mic replaced.

There can be four reasons for you to avail our services:

a) The person you have called can’t hear you
b) The person can hear you but barely
c) No other apps that use your mic work for eg the voice recorder
d) Voice commands don’t work too.

If you have any of the above-mentioned issues bothering you, you should get in touch with us. We have been recognised for genuine replacement of OnePlus 1 parts. There is no scope of regret as the repair or replacement depending on the seriousness of the issue is worth investing money on. We charge a minimal amount while you are sitting outside, we get the issue resolved.
If you choose to walk-in, click on “Book now” for booking a suitable slot and if you choose postal service, click on “Buy now” to proceed with the payment procedure.
No more cribbing about the mic quality. You know who to contact and get rid of the annoying problem which doesn’t let you be heard or you can’t hear the other person.