OnePlus One Water Damaged Repair


OnePlus One Water Damaged Repair

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OnePlus 1 is an amazing choice in the smartphone category. However, it does not make it less susceptible to any damage. Especially if the damage is due to water seeping into the phone. Water is something that can damage your OnePlus 1 and can even leave it no use at all. But there are few ways which can save you from this damage. Though there is no complete surety that it will be repaired but the success rate is 80 percent which is very good as compared to others. But how do you know when to contact the service centre?

This question can be answered by looking at the below options:

a) Your phone fell in water or moisture has been formed on the circuit.
b) Your OnePlus 1 is not powering on even after several tries. In case if the phone is damaged due to water then do not charge it at all else this may damage the OnePlus 1 even more.
c) The OnePlus 1 is completely dead.
d) The water of moisture can be seen on the phone.

There are many more situations where the water can be the cause of concern. You may call or email us to know about them in detail.

But for all the issues come and visit us by just clicking on the book now option and take an appointment in advance. You can also opt for the postal service by simply clicking on the buy now option and making a payment in advance. Just to update you in advance any water damaged repair would not be done and returned on priority as it would need proper inspection.