S8 Plus Mic Repair/Replacement


S8 Plus Mic Repair/Replacement

Original price was: £59.99.Current price is: £49.99.

It’s very annoying when you are talking with someone and they aren’t able to hear you voice clearly or no voice at all. This comes when your microphone is not working. Don’t worry! GSM Support is there for you for fixing your Samsung Galaxy s8 plus microphone. It will take 50 minutes to get it done when you walks in with your faulty Samsung Galaxy s8 plus.

You should use this service when :
a.The person on the other end cannot hear you.
b. The person on the other end can hear you but not loud enough.
c. When you try recording or use any other voice app it does not record or work.
d. No voice commands are working.

We use high quality spare parts for Samsung Galaxy s8 plus microphone replacement. Samsung Galaxy s8 plus microphone replacement service comes with 30 days warranty subject to no physical or liquid damage.