Samsung S8 – An Infinity display

Samsung S8 – An Infinity display

The wait is finally over as Samsung has made its mark in the smartphone market with the all new ‘Samsung 8’, the latest edition in the Samsung family. The words which come in the mind after seeing the pictures of the phone is ‘Flawless and beautiful’ that is what how I can describe the beast and of course, it makes me jealous as for years I am an Apple user. I will not start with the comparison as I will only describe the qualities of the phone which make the Samsung the unthreatened crowned ruler of the technological world again after it was ruled by Apple for years.

Let’s start with the specifications which make it distinct from all other models by the Samsung.
Design – This is one specification which makes it the most desired phone of the season as the tagline stated by the company to have an infinity display which is not surrounded by additional hardware features of the phone and it goes till where you can see it. It is powered with massive 5.8 inches screen which is way bigger than all other devices in the market which make it bigger and a little heavier and it should be negligible in terms of having an advance technology in your hands. It is developed with a thought of Samsung S7 Edge as that was the first phone with a display on the edges and it is the foundation of what we see now with revolutionary S8.

a limited edition phones which only be launched in Asia with 6GB of RAM which will be the quickest of them all. There were many complaints in the recent past as most of the high-end smartphones by Samsung tends to slow down over the course of 3 to 6 months and the recently it involved Samsung S7 Edge with performance dip but it has been taken care of which has been stated by the company.

Camera – It is one place where they need to work to fill the gap as with such high-priced which has been quoted by the company and been compared with many smartphones which are even cheaper in price has the best quality shots when compared to the pictures taken by S8. It is still good but the best as there has been an upgrade when judged with the camera of Samsung s7 Edge. There were certain aspects in which it was the best in comparison to Google pixel but overall it doesn’t stand a chance. It also includes inbuilt filters which we often see in Snapchat which is a plus as don’t have to download the additional application for the same use.

The battery which doesn’t explode – The Company has been criticized for months for the explosion which happens in most of Galaxy Note 7 models and forced the company to get back all the stocks from the shops and even from the customers. This time they played a safe game as they kept the capacity of the S8 to 3000 MAh which is similar to Samsung S7 Edge despite the fact that S8 has the bigger screen and who wants to take a chance with the latest model.

It will change the experience of how we look and use the phones as it is bundled up with all the new features and who will not fall for the screen, it is big and the best thing you will ever see in terms of technology in your hands.

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