Secret Features in iPhone X You May Not Know

Secret Features in iPhone X You May Not Know

iPhone X is undoubtedly the latest and most expensive iPhone in the world till date. It is the first iPhone which is redefined after a long wait. With Face ID, edge-to-edge display, no Home button, the changes go on and on. Even after buying an iPhone X and using it for months, we bet you might not be using it to the fullest. There are still some hidden features of iPhone X that will leave you stunned.  

Video Zoom

iPhone X comes with wide aspect ratio so your videos are no longer boxed on the edges. While playing the video, you can pinch to zoom and fill the whole screen if you are watching your favorite movie, TV show etc. in apps like YouTube which have been upgraded to support it. It is really a very amazing and engaging feature to watch video on full screen.

Tap to Wake up iPhone X

One of the most common uses of Home button to wake up the iPhone is checking the time. But it has become a lot simpler with iPhone X. You can simply tap on the screen at any area to wake up the iPhone screen.

Multitasking Switcher

Forget the old-school Home button where double-clicking brought up the multitasking feature. iPhone X brought a multitasking switcher which you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen or just be holding on the glass or swiping to the right side of the screen. You can finally switch forth and back from the apps with one gesture. Switching between apps has never been so easier. All you need to swipe from left to right at the horizontal bar at the bottom.

Shortcut to Disable Face ID

If you ever faced any situation where you want to keep someone from forcing you to unlock with Face ID, simply hold the side button any volume button together on the device to disable it. Now the only option to open your iPhone is by entering the password.

Change Animoji Character

iPhone X also brought the redefined form of Emojis. Animoji has become one of the most popular features on iPhone X. It is very simple and fast to record animoji with iPhone X. But you can easily change its character after recording the message. Swipe between animojis and change video once a recording is finished.

Smart Notifications

It will show up a preview of emails, messages, etc. when you see the notifications on your device. But it would show no preview if it weren’t you. To reveal a preview, it uses Face ID to allow you to check notifications.

Dim Display

Just like smart notifications, iPhone X can dim the display when you are not looking at it. The device can sense whether you are looking at it or not. It can quickly dim the display the moment you look somewhere else and automatically get the brightness on to default settings once you see your display again. It’s a great battery saver for you.

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