Some Of The Best Features Of Android 10 For Samsung Mobile Phones

Some Of The Best Features Of Android 10 For Samsung Mobile Phones

Android 10 was officially launched by Google, which landed into Samsung and with many other was very much clear that Google was very busy and has put up a lot of effort before it released android 10 in the market. Android 10 is the tenth most major version of Android, which was made official in San Francisco on May 7 during a Google developer now many people who own Samsung Galaxy smartphones will be wondering if they will get an update for android ten or not. Your Samsung smartphone will surely get an update of android ten if your previous android version of the phone is android 8.0, which is known as Oreo.

Here are some of the features of android 10 in Samsung smartphones

1) Android 10 will be providing dark mode

The dark mode can get activated through quick settings when the battery saver mode is activated. Dark mode will mainly affect the photos and Google is one of the most attractive features of android ten, which was demanded by the users of Samsung smartphones and also other smartphones. If you are using a Samsung smartphone, then you will get an option of night mode instead of dark mode because the company has renamed it.

2) The navigation system is updated

Samsung has added this new updated of android 10 in its device .it is the addition and update of a navigation gesture, which was first a part of android 9. The new navigation systems of android 10 are more intuitive and are more fluid to use. The android ten navigation systems can be used with the help of a stock launcher.

3) It has enhanced digitally

It is a feature by android ten once your Samsung gets has added the wind-down and focus mode with an improved will block all the notification except those who are selected or chosen by you. This update will mainly help you in avoiding distractions. In the wind-down, the display will be in greyscale, and it will block notifications that will be useful for you before going to bed.

4) You can access settings quickly

As we know, it already very easy to toggle and access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connectivity options but now Google is making it simpler to access this thing with its new update of android has shown the example like if your device is in airplane mode you can launch a browser. In this process, it will tell the person to enable Wi-Fi, and then it will automatically go to the settings option.

5) The camera application is updated

The application of the camera in the Samsung device is slightly updated. All the camera modes which are available will be hidden in more section as it will give a clean look to the app in Samsung device. You will also get an option to customized this mode, which are shown are available at the top of the shutter button.

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