Speed up your old smartphone with new innovative ways


Speed up your old smartphone with new innovative ways

Using a new smartphone is like driving a new car which is so smooth in the transitions but as days goes by, you should be ready to face a number of problems. It has the same comparison with our smartphone as after fair use of it for months, there are a number of problems including the slower performance. The shift between the pages is not like the new one and it takes longer to load a new application. It irritates us while using our smartphone as we don’t want to wait for like 5 minutes for loading application before we can actually start working on it.

There are number of ways by which you can fix these problems and can make your old smartphone to provide the performance of the new one.
Get a Launcher – Most of the Android and Apple smartphones comes with their own default launchers that can help you to boot the phone and make it ready for the home screen. As there is a pile of restrictions with iPhone, you can actually download a third-party launcher in your Android smartphone that can actually improve the performance of the phone. This will not only improves the performance but gives you multiple options to customize your home screen with one touch hyperlinks to different tasks. Either you can choose the free-launchers with limited features or get the paid version with unlimited features and customization.

Switch to lighter social media applications – Nowadays, many developers have started to develop the lighter version of their applications. These applications are not only less in size but also loads up much faster than their regular version. Recently, Facebook, the most popular application, launched the lite version across all the platforms. The features are quite same as the regular version and it also works in the poor connection. Once you will download the application, it will cover the less memory space and keep your smartphone free, so that it can work more efficiently. If you have the old version of the smartphone, you can always consider downloading the related applications which will make it easy for you to navigate.

Check your Email – Usually, we have a number of email accounts which are linked with our smartphone that can hamper the performance of it and also need space from the storage. Instead of using default email manager, you can always look for options and one of them is named Email which is developed by Edison software. It is free to download that comes with the cloud storage and you can link all your personal and professional email in one application. The size of the application is less compared to other applications in the same category and doesn’t compromise on the features. It will help to track your packages, get flight notifications and most important it even helps you to unsubscribe from the junk email addresses.

Get a stable web browser – Most of the browsers in our smartphone store the temporary and cache files whenever we browse through different pages of the website. This will not only impact the storage of the phone but also hinders the performance of it. Google Chrome is the default browser that comes with almost all the smartphones and if you are not happy with the performance of it, you can always try

other options like Smart Search and Web Browser by Reactive Phone. It has the simple interface with built-in options for voice search, ad blocking, and incognito mode. It is much lighter than the normal browsers which will enhance the performance of the overall smartphone.          

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