Surprising Tips and Tricks to customize your iPhone


Surprising Tips and Tricks to customize your iPhone

When people buy new phones, they think instantly about personalizing the phone. One of them that can be seen in every second person’s hand is an iPhone. It is one of the most used smartphones for its use and its convenience. Apart from these two features, did you know that there are more ways to make the use of an iPhone feel better? There are ways that can turn your iPhone gadget into an unbelievable phone. Onlookers will be shocked to see such transformation that they had never tried before. Doing this, you may be one of the coolest iPhone users. Do you have no patience to check those cool tricks? We understand that. Continue reading the blog and discover the magic.
Flaunt your Apple ID
When we use our photo for various social media sites, why not for our Apple ID? Many are not aware of this function and have barely used this function. Add a classy photo to your Apple ID and make your iPhone appear unique and different when compared to others. If you have already set an Apple ID photo and you wish to change it now, well you can do that too. You should go to Settings and click on the image that you see. You get an option to click a fresh photo or use one from the device. The call is yours.

Android has room for experimenting with applications so that we can change the way our phone’s keyboard appears. What if you can do the same to your iPhone? You heard it right. Yes, you can definitely change the way your keyboard appears. For this, you need to download applications that are either free or chargeable. You can check the ratings and review and choose the one that you judge is the best. Time to flaunt your iPhone keyboard just the way Android users do.

Home Screen Versatility
There is something that you can’t deny about an iPhone. You will see most iPhone users using a similar home screen. This is not because the iPhone doesn’t allow you to make certain changes but due to lack of knowledge. You can bring some changes to the layout of the iPhone home screen and make it appear cooler than ever. You have options such as minimalist, monochrome, the rainbow, the monogram, the menu option and more. Depending on what is the appearance that you like the most, you may choose. Apart from this, you can also change the wallpaper. iPhone wallpaper is not static. There are many that you can choose from and love using your iPhone more than ever.

Ringtone Fun
Have you ever observed that iPhone users have commonly used the same ringtone? The answer is Yes, and we know that. There are a few who use the default ringtone because they want to flaunt that they have an iPhone while most of them are not sure about how to change the ringtone. Well, time to change the default ringtone and try more than the iPhone has to offer. You can download ringtone apps that are meant specifically for iPhone users. They are safe to use and free from malware. Most apps will allow you to choose audios from your media book and convert them into short ringtones. Isn’t that amazing?
The best part is that you can also add a unique ringtone for each of your users. It won’t be feasible to set a unique ringtone for all the users. It will further confuse you. The wisest thing to do is set a unique ringtone for favorite contacts. This will be easier for you to decide whether you want to take the call or not when you are in the middle of something important.
Gone are the days when people thought the iPhone had a specific use and not much functionality. You can now defy them by using these cool tricks and let them decide for themselves. The use of an iPhone was never as dynamic as it used to be. The trend is changing and we need to adapt to those changes. Next time, you decide to buy an iPhone and hold yourself back for the restrictions, now you know what to do.

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