Top 7 Waterproof Phones that You Should Consider


Top 7 Waterproof Phones that You Should Consider

Smartphones are the latest way of life and one can’t live without one. We all look for features that we can’t ignore and makes our life better. One such feature is a smartphone being waterproof. Yes, many have been looking for this because there are times when your phone gets wet and spoilt forever. The money that you spent on buying that smartphone of yours goes in vain. For this, many brands have come up with phones that are waterproof to help you never fall in such situations where you not only lose your money but also memories that you captured through that phone. This blog will give you an overview of seven such phones that you must consider buying if you have been planning to get one.

iPhone 8

Apple has always exceeded the expectations of its fan base with the features it launches with every iPhone launch. Like any other iPhone 8 has been a revolution by adding wireless charging and speed. Usually, iPhone’s processor has always been faster than that of any other phones’. All thanks to A11 processor. The icing on the cake is it being waterproof.

iPhone XR

Another name that falls in the list of Apple is iPhone XR. It has an LCD screen and a single camera; however, people have loved the way the phone has made people experience. The screen size is a decent one. The OLED screen is what we have been hearing about all this while. LCD on this phone won’t disappoint you for sure. People have been talking highly of this phone for the look and feel.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

A name that not many people consider when buying a smartphone! This is a bitter truth. This truth may have undergone a drastic change after the launch of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It is as a quality driven and top-notch smartphone that will give you an experience of other big brands. The screen size, charging feature and the camera quality will blow anyone’s mind apart from the feature that we are discussing here and that is waterproof.

Google Pixel 3

Have you been looking for a smartphone that gives you one of the best displays than ever? Have you been willing to buy a smartphone that is trustworthy and compels you to feel on top of the world? If your answers are obvious “Yes”, you have the best phone available and that is Google Pixel 3. The look is premium and the processor Android 9 Pie which is the best one so far complements this phone well.

Sony Xperia XZ3

Released in October, last year, this smartphone has not failed exciting buyers and people who are willing to buy one. It is a phone that has a display and performance as good as any big brand phones. Sony has always kept its promise of delivering high-quality images irrespective of the launch year. Every year, the brand has surprised us. Sony Xperia XZ3 is definitely a good buy if you want to spend decent for an outstanding phone.

Huawei P20 Pro

The brand has another phone in the category of waterproof phones and that is Huawei P20 Pro. Tagged as one of the best phones for photography, this phone has been a choice of many. Adding to the features is the battery life and screen that lures anyone seeing you use it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A brand that has a name in the field of smartphone manufacturing is Samsung. A model that truly represents the brand is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The S-Pen may fascinate you along with the design of the phone and the way you will feel when using the phone. It is a powerful device that will go a long way in making you hooked to the device for years to come. It is one of the best buys of all the Android phones available.

Your confusing is sorted and so is your perplexity. The seven phones have been top in their class and living up to the expectations of the people. You won’t be happy only for the fact that it has a waterproof feature but also has other modern features that any smartphone user would want to have in their phones.

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