The wait is finally over – iPhone 8 is ready for the launch

The wait is finally over – iPhone 8 is ready for the launch

There have been a number of speculations about the new iPhone 8 as it was believed that the company has taken a step back in the launch of the product. According to the sources, the main leads were not happy with the overall development of the new iPhone and there was a lot of struggle in getting home button into the touch pad. As the company is ready with their latest iPhone models 7s and 7s plus, there was a lot of disappointment among the fans. After months of hype and wait, there is on-going news within the groups that the iPhone 8 is almost here and might get the same launch pad with other models of iPhone.

There are numerous internet leaks which are believed to be the actual shape and size of the iPhone but there was no official statement released by the company as they want to keep it a surprise for the fans. Recently, the company has rolled out the latest iOS version 11 in beta form and the sole reason for this release is the testing of the software. The latest release raised the eyebrows of many critics as there are two questions among the groups, as the company has already finished the development of the new iPhone 8 or we have to wait for another iOS release with the new one. This is due to the fact that the new iOS 11 is optimized for iPhone 7 series and if there are any changes in the shape of iPhone 8, how the developers will optimize it with the new iPhone?

iOS 11 is the platform for which many Apple users were waiting for as it contains all the features which were missing from many years. Still, it is a speculation about the design of the new iPhone 8 as they need to cope up with popularity which has been gained by Galaxy S8 in recent months. The infinity display by Samsung is one of the reasons why people gaining more interest in the smartphone but Apple is sticking to the common design for the screen as they believe that it increases the chances of an unwanted accident with the phone. So it is clear that the screen of the new iPhone 8 will be bigger which will be backed up with new OLED feature with an in-built home screen button. The most controversial step which was taken by the company by removing the headphone jack with the launch of iPhone 7, and it is believed that the company is still sticking to the same methods. There will be no headphone jack in the new iPhone 8, with a 3D sensor that will make the transitions easy for the user. The single port combined with the speakers on the side, and this time it will offer fast charging for the iPhone. Just charge it for 5 minutes and it will offer 50 percent of the battery by making it more accessible for the users.

A request has been raised by many iPhone users as they want a wireless charging in the new iPhone 8 so that it will be more convenient for the users to use their headphones while charging the iPhone. With all the speculations, one thing is for sure that it will carry an expensive price tag which will be expensive than the other launched iPhones in the market. If the company will launch iPhone 8 with other models of 7 and 7 plus, it will be the straight competition with other companies including Samsung and Galaxy S8.

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