WhatsApp gives a new taste to the users with its ‘Dark Mode’ Theme


WhatsApp gives a new taste to the users with its ‘Dark Mode’ Theme

The dark mode in WhatsApp is the new feature added to the popular chat messenger. The first thing that you will experience in enabling the dark mode is that the white background screen will turn dark, and the text colors will be now inverted. All the other elements of WhatsApp will also invert its colors. The makers have released the dark mode on the beta versions for acquiring feedback from the customers, and it is quite positive in many ways. 

More Intel on the dark mode of WhatsApp

The first question that arises in the mind of users is that, Why is WhatsApp keen to implement dark mode on to its messenger? The answer is clear as all the smartphone users are very much sensitive about the display quality of their phone, and the bright colors are probably damaging the eyes on long term use. Facebook-owned application, WhatsApp, is now on a mission to emit the RGB pixels and darken the background to give it a retro look. It is better than the earlier planned remedy of implementing a blue filter that will reduce the appealing look of the interface. 

During the night hours, WhatsApp’s dark edition will give a pleasant appeal with the black background and the texts in white. Moreover, it also saves a lot of battery power as the pixel density of a dark background consumes less energy but gives the maximum visible output. The border of the WhatsApp messenger interface will be of the signature green color to maintain originality.

Before even WhatsApp released its official dark mode, many smartphone brands such as Vivo and Samsung have already introduced the same in their default skins. These brands give choices to the users to either use dark mode or normal mode for their applications, including WhatsApp. 

How to enable the dark mode on WhatsApp(Android)?

Here is the step by step process that will help you understand the process of enabling the dark mode on your WhatsApp messenger.

  1. First, you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version to get the feature of dark mode.
  2. Secondly, you need to go to the settings of your messenger and select the display option from the menu. Now go to “Select Theme” and choose dark.

Now, it is done for WhatsApp. If you wish to implement the same for other applications as well, then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your phone settings and select “About Phone.”
  2. Scroll down to “Build Number” and tap on it several times until you see a pop-up message written, “You are now a developer.”
  3. Now go back to your main setting page and find the “Developer options” tab. Open it and see for the option “override force-dark.” It will enable the dark mode for all the applications on your phone to give a different user experience. 

Even with the dark mode enabled, the chat wallpapers will appear in its true colors without any alteration. It spoils the fun of the dark mode. To remove the wallpaper, you can go to the WhatsApp settings and select the Wallpaper tab and remove the existing chat wallpaper and set it as ‘None.’ Now, you are good to experience the best in the class dark mode of WhatsApp.

For the iOS devices, you can only use WhatsApp dark mode If your OS version is iOS 11 or above.  Now, you have a clear idea about all the necessary information about the dark mode of WhatsApp, and you can enjoy the soothing new display format of WhatsApp. 

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